Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Midweek Confession

It is that time again ...
~ Laundry is my least favorite chore! I don't mind throwing the clothes in the washing machine and then the dryer BUT bringing them all the way upstairs, folding them, hanging them, and putting them away is just down right torture. If I ever won the lottery {not that I even play the lottery} I would hire a maid ... and a chef!

~ I have a neighbor who drives me INSANE!!The child {age 6} cries, whines, tattles, and is a general nuisance in our court. The mother is no better. She never watches her son and then when he tattles on ALL THE OTHER KIDS she stomps down the block to yell ... at the kids herself! I have tried talking to her nicely that adults talk to adults while the parent handles the child but she disagrees and continues to do it. We had a very embarrassing interesting screaming match in the front yard yesterday. I am not proud.

~ I have bought nothing for the baby so far. The room she will be sleeping in is a disaster of epic proportions. I am hoping that it will at least be empty enough to put some baby furniture in it soon. Well ... after we buy baby furniture that is.

I am sure I should have more to confess but my brain is refusing to work.

Until next week.

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