Monday, May 7, 2012

Wedding Video

I cannot believe I have already been married for 17 days!!
Time really goes by quickly when you are in love and happy and crazy madly in love!

For the day of our wedding we did have a photographer. Photographer Denise was able to *hopefully - since I haven't seen them yet* capture all of the details of our intimate wedding ceremony and reception.

But the day after the wedding our family friend Maria (who is also a photographer) was able to capture the wonderful pictures you are about to see.

It was really magical to be in the woods with my new husband taking such gorgeous photographs.

Like Maria said ... it was like being in Narnia.

As a special gift to us she posted the photographs on youtube and had our first dance song *God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton* playing throughout.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of the day after our wedding!

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