Thursday, March 15, 2012

midweek confessions ~ wedding edition

I know that techinically Thursday isn't midweek but it is close enough for me.
So here goes ...
* I got engaged about three weeks ago and we are getting married in 5 weeks. I am overwhelmed with this process and I would love it if I had either a) a lot of money or b) someone who was willing to do all the planning, phone calls, and errands for me ... for free. I have neither and so I guess I will just have to do all the work myself.

* I like everything simple and fun but the wedding processes is actually hard. I feel like I have a list for my lists. We already booked our reception hall, bought the unity candles, purchased our wedding bands, got my dress (no alterations ... hallelujah!), one week away from finishing our pre-marital class, and got the dj. Now we just need invitations (need to get these out asap!), flowers, photographer, marriage license, .... ect. .... ect. ... ect. Whew!

*I get phone calls atleast 5 times a day from my Mom about wedding stuff. See bullet point 1 ... this is another thing that continues to overwhelm me.

* My wonderful aunt and uncle have given us the use of their time share for our honeymoon. All we have to do is purchase airfare. I can't wait to spend 4 days with my hunny as husband and wife.

*Jacob is not happy about the honeymoon and tells me he thinks I am abandoning him when I go. Hopefully he will get over this but anytime we talk about it ... he cries.

* I cannot wait to be a wife and I am reading books so that I can be "perfect" at it. I know that I am dillusional but hey I am overwhelmed ... I am sure this will all wear off soon.

* I am breaking out like crazy. This is not a good time for my skin to start doing "tricks".

Aagh ... I feel better now. Anyone else have a crazy short engagement like mine or words of wisdom to help me out with this?

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  1. Congratulations on your engagement & upcoming wedding. Marriage is wonderful, but hard. My only wedding advice is to do your best to take it all it. The day goes SO quickly and then it's over.


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