Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My First Works For Me Wednesday!


I have been spending quite some time reading through what works for everyone else over at Kristen’s blog We Are THAT Family. I love seeing creative ideas from Mom’s that works for them. Sometimes I know the ideas won’t work for me but sometimes I know that they will.

So with that in mind I have completed my very first Works-For-Me-Wednesday!

What works for me is a supplies center!

Before the art center I had a container on the counter filled with pens and pencils. Most of the pencils were not sharpened and they were missing the erasures. The pens were not any better they either didn’t work or were leaking ink at the bottom of the container.

I also had to scavenger the house looking for glue, scissors, paper, notebook paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils.

It was exhausting!

So when my beautiful cousin Tanya offered me a bookshelf she was not using I knew I could use it.

2011-04-03 09.58.41_Wheaton_Illinois_US

This bookshelf now houses all of my school supplies.

The top shelf holds cookbooks, binders, and chapter books. The boys are really enjoying the Magic Tree House series. To think I got these books from a resale store for $6!

2011-04-03 09.58.52_Wheaton_Illinois_US

The middle shelf right now is housing things bills that need to be paid, a stapler, and a basket filled with things that still need to be put away.

2011-04-03 09.58.59_Wheaton_Illinois_US

I didn’t think it looked this messy but I guess it does.

The bottom shelf is my favorite. I have a love of mason jars and I had a huge collection. So now all my jars (mostly collected from jarred spaghetti sauces) hold all our pens, pencils, markers, colored pencils, scissors, rulers, and crayons.

2011-04-03 09.59.27_Wheaton_Illinois_US

See …

2011-04-03 09.59.36_Wheaton_Illinois_US

Here is our change jar and our school fundraiser jar. The school fundraiser jar holds box tops and pop tops.

2011-04-03 09.59.53_Wheaton_Illinois_US

Markers and crayons.

2011-04-03 10.00.05_Wheaton_Illinois_US


2011-04-03 10.00.15_Wheaton_Illinois_US

Colored Pencils.

The two doors at the bottom of the bookshelf houses paper, staples, notebooks, dry erase boards, glue, and a ton of other miscellaneous things.

2011-04-03 10.00.35_Wheaton_Illinois_US

So this is what works for me!

What do you think?

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