Saturday, February 5, 2011

It’s Saturday Night and …

I am doing homework. Blah!

For homework this weekend I had to do …

  • Write a one page summary about classroom strategies
  • Read 3 case studies
  • Write a one page summary about The Herring Case
  • A compilation of assessments including checklists, self-reflections, interest inventories, observation forms, work samples, and questions to ask a reading teacher. (Had to find them all on the internet first – quite tough actually)
  • A lesson plan on using context clues to decipher unfamiliar words. (include a premade 3D sample)
  • Read 3 articles (find them on the internet first and there will be a quiz on them!)

I worked on it all day today and I am happy to say that I just finished it all!! Yay for me!

I have to keep on top of my homework because starting next week I will have classes, work part-time, spend 4 hours in a 1st grade classroom, take care of Jacob, do laundry, make dinners, … etc. The list never ends and most of the time I am adding more to it.

I guess a woman/college student/mother/girlfriend’s job is never done!

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  1. Just stopping in to say hi after being in the chum chat last week. It does sound like a very busy life but soon the student part will be done. Won't it be great!


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