Saturday, January 8, 2011

I had a different ending in mind.

Four years ago I signed along the dotted line and added two new keys to my keychain.

Before I went to pick up the UHaul truck I went to my very own condo, unlocked the lock, walked up the seventeen stairs, and the tears of joy began to fall.

I held my hands out at my sides and spun around.

My very first place!

Despite the fact that is was late February and snow was determined to fall all around - it was moving day!

I thought that we would call the condo "home" for two years. After two years we would sell it and make a little bit of money to buy something nicer.

After a year of living there the neighborhood began to change. At one time Jacob's backpack was stolen from my car along with all of my cd's. Another time we had gang graffiti spray painted on our garage door (and  about 142 other garages and cars were tagged as well).
Another time our neighbor thought it would be a good idea to keep his dog in the garage throughout the winter. In order to keep the dog warm they placed a space heater in the garage. One night the space heater caught something on fire. Smoke quickly filled our condo and the fire department had us evacuate. We sat in the back of the police car for hours. It was freezing. Our neighbor never said sorry and refused to file an insurance claim. Soon after the family moved out.  

By the time we moved out four months ago we were the only family left.

Dan's niece was going to stay at the condo so save up money and to help us pay the association fees. Three months later she decided that she didn't want to pay to stay there and promptly moved out.

Since the association fees were not getting paid I had to go to court on Thursday. The association is going to take my condo. While I thought that it would be the end but from what the lawyers and the judge said it isn't over yet.

This really wasn't the way that I thought it would end.

But God is in control over EVERYTHING! He will provide and bring me through this. Although today seems tough tomorrow will be brighter.

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