Monday, July 26, 2010

Midwest Flooding

The rain started coming Friday night and didn’t end until late in the morning on Saturday.

The rain came so fast it seemed like all rivers and ponds flooded like crazy.

My grandmother’s basement was flooded so badly it almost reached the first floor.

Westchester Illinois has been declared in a State of Disaster.

My mother’s subdivision was flooded and roads were closed. Several houses you could visibly see water pouring into their house.

Many people are without flood insurance and extreme repairs are necessary.

As if the poor state of the economy wasn’t enough, many families had to stay in hotels or find alternate housing until the water drained out.

Would you please join me in prayer for the families that this has affected?

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Can you believe that main roads are hidden beneath the water?

We decided to take the children out to see how bad it is. We have talked as a family about what this means for these families. It was a very humbling experience and I am grateful that no lives were taken during this time.

I am committed to pray for everyone involved … Will you join me?

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