Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mornings Person? Not me!

I am not a morning person .. at … all!

For example … this is what happened this morning

9:00 am – Wake up! Not good should have been up at 7.

9:02 am – Wake up Jacob by yelling at him to hurry up and get dressed. Throwing his clothes at him as I walk out of the room.

9:05 am – Yell at Jacob to get off the couch and to get his flip flops on since it is Beach Party Day at school. He yells back that he doesn’t have to wear them yet.

9:07 am – Make Jacob’s lunch

9:08 am – Jump in the car wearing my white sweat pant capris that you can see through – thinking navy blue underwear wasn’t a good choice. Putting my hair in a pony tail.

9:19 am – Jacob arrives at school a whopping 10 minutes late!

I wish I could say that most morning do not include yelling or running around like a chicken but that isn’t true.

I wish I was a morning person. I wish I woke  up at 6 am, spent time in God’s word starting my day off right, lovingly waking up my son to start his day off right, and arrive on time to school.

I read other people’s blogs (The Simple Wife) that draw me in about how they go for a 5k run before the rest of the family awakes and then dives directly into their Bibles to get their hearts set with God.

I long to start a morning off this way.

Any advice? Anyone else not a morning person? Can you change from a not a morning person to a morning person?

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