Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear God,

Whew … it has been awhile since I have posted! It has kind of been a tornado whirlwind in my house lately.

School is back in full swing. I am taking five classes and each class requires a lot of work. I am really enjoying my new journey. I officially have 2 years left at school and it is flying by.

Even though my classmates are 19 years old and barely out of high school much younger than I am, I have been enjoying there company and their opinions on the classes, professors, and homework.

Jacob is flourishing in school. I have scheduled a parent teacher conference for February 5th and look forward to hearing all the great things his teacher has to say about him.

Not to gush too much but his teacher told me that she did a reading assessment test and he is testing at level 14!! At the beginning of the year he was testing at 3. He is making such great progress. I am so proud of him.

A few more changes are going on in our house right now. Jacob and I are praying every night! and No more TV at bedtime!

These changes have been a long time coming. I am embarrassed to say that Jacob and I never really prayed together. If we did pray, it was very sporadic and became super silly at times. I was not taking it seriously and neither was Jacob.

I think it was last week when I read an (IN)courage blog post by Kristen, author of We are THAT family, titled “Her Name is Grace because He is Amazing”. In that post Kristen said that her Dad prayed over her daughter while she laid in the NICU.

Immediately, after reading that line I bawled. I bawled the puffy eyes, semi-hyperventilating, and runny nosed bawl. Not pretty.

It had just hit me that … I never prayed over Jacob when he was in the NICU. Never once did I lay my hands on him and pray to God to keep him safe. Never once, did I pray that he would be healed. I am ashamed of myself.

But …

instead of beating myself over the past that is unchangeable, I figured it was time I changed the future.

So Jacob and I started praying together. He enjoys hearing me pray for God to take away his scary dreams and help him in school. His favorite part is when I thank God for giving me such a wonderful son.

This simple thing has made such a difference in the mood in our house.

Then on Wednesday, I dropped Jacob off at Awana’s and church had a flier entitled “Top 15 Verses Every Kid Should Know”. I picked up the flier, folded it up, stuck it in my pocket and forgot about it. Until now! I read through the verses tonight and I loved them. I love it that the church put this together. Jacob and I are going to work on these verses and start memorizing them. It will probably take some time but it is a great goal to work at.

If you would like to get the Top 15 Verses Every Kid Should Know let me know and I will email you the list. For some reason I am sure it isn’t because it is past midnight and I can’t think straight I can’t figure out how to link it up.

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