Thursday, December 10, 2009

I breathe in and breathe out

This week has not been going as I had originally planned it to go.

Jacob must be forgetting that he has his own bed! The last two nights thirty minutes after I have gone to bed I hear a tiny whisper telling me to “Move Over!”

He moves around so much that I barely have any sheets to cover myself or a pillow to put my head on.

I have gotten kicked and punched multiple times. Needless to say … I am tired.

Two days without sleep makes me very cranky!


Doesn’t he look peaceful?

Then … I broke my favorite teapot. This teapot was given to me by two friends (Rachel & Kristy) for Mother’s Day.

They knew my tiny obsession with teapots and picked this one out from the Family Christian Bookstore.

It says “Fill me with Joy, Oh Lord”


And it was green with tiny white polka dots!

I am going to try to super glue it together but it will never be the same.

Then … as I was packing Jacob’s lunch for school I dropped a jar of jelly and it splattered all over the floor.

Glass and sticky strawberry jelly was not fun to clean up.

The weather outside is frightful (cliche I know but it is true)

People are forgetting how to drive, it is bitter cold out, and this is the last week of classes before finals!


I am just in a foul mood.

To perk myself up I went to Target and bought myself some Glade candles.


Then I went to Chipotle for a well deserved Burrito Bol lunch.


Mine was rice, a little black beans, steak, two scoops of mild salsa, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce.


Then, I hung a curtain rod in my bedroom. It gave me just the look I was going for.

What do you think?


Sorry but this is the best picture I could get. It is super bright in my room and I have a crappy camera!

So now that I have shared my funky, cranky, poor me party with you … What do you do to perk yourself up? I really want to know.

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