Monday, October 26, 2009

The Shedd Aquarium

As part of my assignment for my Humanities class I had to visit the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. The main purpose was to visit the Amazon exhibit but we ended up seeing so much more. My mom, my brother (Matthew), Jacob and I took the train to the city and then took a taxi to the aquarium. We had such a blast.

How beautiful is this building?

Here is my mom and Matthew in front of the building.
I can't forget about Jacob in front of the building.
Since I had an assignment to do we went through the Amazon exhibit first.
We saw poisonous frogs, turtles, monkeys, and enormous fish.
I swear this fish was five feet long!!

When Jacob put his finger up to the glass one turtle followed it all around. Jacob loved it!The next exhibit we went to was the Wild Reef.
How cute are these boys??

Jacob HAD to take a picture of a shark. This proved to be difficult 1) because I have a crappy camera and 2) you cannot use a flash in any area of the museum.

After this picture I took the remaining pictures.
We couldn't leave the aquarium without seeing the new show Fantasea. I am so glad we saw this show. It was wonderful.

How cute are these little guys??

The dolphins were amazing too!

We had such a wonderful afternoon we really didn't want it to end.

We got back on the train and headed home.
Jacob is in bed now and I am supposed to be reading and doing homework.

Did anyone else do anything today that was super fun?

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