Thursday, September 17, 2009

I need your help

Does that title sound dramatic? Maybe a little but I want your opinions. I have been trying to get organized with my school papers, Jacob's school papers, bills, stamps, ... you know the stuff that can take over your house if you let it. So I have this little 3 drawer plastic cubby thing that I want to use to stay organized. I have placed it in two separate places in my house. Please let me know which place looks better.

Spot #1
I have a side table tucked into a corner of the living room.
The top of the table looks like this.
But I have put the command station underneath it.
This is what is there ... my textbooks that I don't need for the day, my filing box, and the 3 drawer cubby.

What do you think?

Spot #2
Then I thought maybe since I don't look under my coffee table very often I might forget to pay my bills if I kept it there. So I cleared a spot on the kitchen countertop and placed only the 3 drawer cubby there.

Do you like this spot better?

I have kept the filing box and the textbooks that I am not using for the day under the side table.

So now I need your opinions. Which spot do you like better? Where is your command center located? How do you keep all your paperwork organized?

I honestly can't wait to read your responses.


  1. the heat from the stove might damage the plastic cubby. since you might forget to look under the side table and forget to pay the bills, why not put it on top of the side table?

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  2. I'm with the first commenter - I'd be afraid of the heat from the stove.


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