Tuesday, August 11, 2009

College 101

I have officially registered for classes at Benedictine. I talked to my adviser, Anne, over the phone today and she walked me through the registering for classes process. I am now signed up for ...
*Literature 267 -Studies in Poetry
*Education 215 - Technology for Teachers
*Humanities 250 - The Contemporary World
*Math 112 - Math for Elementary School Teachers
and I am on the wait list for Philosophy 12o - Greek Philosophy.

My schedule is very sporadic and it doesn't seem that I will be able to take Jacob to school or drop him off at school this semester.
I figured I would have a less than desirable schedule since I applied so late but 4 hours between classes is a little disheartening.
My advisor said to see if there are any openings for the Education 215 class at an earlier time. That would help out significantly.

Now that I have my official schedule I need to find a part time job. There are two current opportunities that may work. But I am assuming that waitressing will be the best option.
Like this whole process I am leaving it in God's hands. He knows better than I do anyway.

Is anything new going on in your lives? Please fill me in. I am getting overwhelmed by my own life anyway.

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