Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jacob's friend "D"

Remember how I told you Jacob and Christian are huge fans of WWE Wrestling? Well Jacob has taken it to the next level. I think he honestly believes he is John Cena.
So yesterday when I was picking Jacob up from my mom's house his little friend "D" was over and they were playing in the front yard. Oh and when I mean little friend I actually mean a giant 5 year old who is atleast a head taller than Jacob is.  Anyway, they were playing so I went inside to chat with my mom for a little bit.
Not 5 minutes later Jacob is flying throught the front door crying his eyes out with "D" following behing him saying he was sorry over and over and over again.
After I got Jacob to stop crying I had him tell me what happened.
He said that they were playing wrestling in the front yard. Jacob jumped on "D's" back and knocked him to the ground. Then when "D" got up he grabbed a big stick and whipped Jacob in the back with it.
I asked him why he would jump on "D" and he told me because that is what wrestlers do.
Hmm ...
After we had a HUGE talk about why wrestling is fake (I thought that was obvious but not to a 6 year old) the wrestling video game is banned from our house. He is no longer allowed to play with it at my house, his dad R's house, my mom's house, or his friend "D's" house. Oh yes he brought this video game with him EVERYWHERE.
But I did decide that now he can only play sports video games ... I am hoping that he does like the professionals do ... you know play for the NBA and buy his Mom a super nice house.
I think I am on to something.
Have any of your children reenacted something they have seen?


  1. Oh my. Little boys and wrestling...

    Thankfully we aren't going through that yet! :D

  2. Ok, my oldest is only 4 and he LOVES to wrestle! He's a rough and rowdy boy all the way!! Boys, boys, boys! They will be boys : )

  3. I am sorry that your discussion created such a backlash. I think that people are afraid to comment now, and it's so unfortunate. I know where your heart is at. My husband and I have really been grieving lately over our unsaved family members, and also for those that have professed their faith, but are certainly not acting it. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. I only wish that the people who became so offended would realize the loving hearts behind the concern.


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