Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Drive of 2009

Well ... I am officially home, unpacked, and clothes cleaned. The house is still kind of a disaster but I am working on it. Since we left at 9 p.m. within 2 hours both of the boys looked like this.
Ha Ha Do you think they will not appreciate the fact that I posted these pictures when they get older? The drive was super long but they did awesome. (Both going there and coming home.)

The boys loved swimming in the hotel pool. Jacob strengthened his swimming skills and Christian learned to swim without floaties. I am so proud of both of them.

The only problem with them loving the swimming pool as much as the did was that the sunscreen didn't stay on their skin. We all got very red.

Jacob was calling us the red family. (FYI- we are all pealing and I don't like it one bit. It grosses me out.)

The night before the wedding Brandon and Kim had a beautiful rehearsal dinner for everyone.

This is Brandon and Kim ... aren't they the cutest?

This is my whole family. (From left to right and top to bottom: Me, Mom, Dan, Mark, Michael, Vicky, Jacob, Christian, and Matthew)

Brandon and Kim had the cutest rehearsal dinner cake. Since Brandon is a pilot this cake was specifically designed with him in mind.

Brandon and Kim's wedding took place on top of Bogus Basin. It was so beautiful there. The sunset was killer.

Brandon and Kim had such a beautiful wedding.

This is Landon and the flower girls. He is such a cutie and he loves Jacob. He gives me kisses when I drop of Jacob and head off to work.

This is Landon's mom, Tanya. She is just so beautiful. Tanya and I are only a year apart and we basically grew up together. I am so thankful to have her be apart of my family.

This is my Aunt Tammie and Uncle Brian. (Brandon's mom and dad)

Here is Brandon (the groom), Andrew (my cousin and best man), Michael (my brother), and Mark (my brother). They are all very close. We are so lucky to have grown up together.

The bride and groom. Isn't this a beautiful view?

This is Dan and me. Dan was such a trooper the whole trip. He drove the most, took care of the boys while I was at the bridal shower, and made sure we had great lunches and dinners.
Boy do I love him.

How did you like that for a post with pictures? What did you guys do this past week?


  1. I loved all the pictures! Glad you had a safe trip and it sounds like you have a great guy! What a beautiful view that was! I love the cake too!

  2. Amazing pictures! you sound like you've been busy! :) the cake is fun!


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