Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brandon & Kim are Married!

What an exhausting week this has been. We have driven a long way to be a part of Brandon and Kim's wedding. They did not disappoint. The atmosphere and surroundings were stunning. I swear I could see heaven from as high up as we were. I will definitely post pictures when I get home. The sunrise was spectacular. We are leaving in a couple hours to drive home. Please pray for us to have safe travels. Specifically pray for Dan since I am not much help in the driving department. I can only drive about 4 hours at a time. I am going to take a dip in the pool now. I will catch you all up with the festivities tomorrow night.

PS- we are all sun burnt. Jacob has been calling us the red family.

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  1. Glad you all had a good time-can't wait for the pictures!


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