Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Working!

Ok guys, Jacob started his new behavior program at school on Tuesday. It was supposed to start Monday but his teacher had a meeting so it started yesterday. And guess what?!?! Jacob got all 5 smiley faces. This is fantastic news! I would bet that this is the first time he has behaved all day.

I came up with a system that also encourages good behavior at school. Some people may not agree with me but if it works then I don't care what anyone else says. Jacob loves playing on his Playstation 2 the WWE Wrestling game. SO ... in order for Jacob to be allowed to play his game he has to get all 5 smiley faces. The 5 smiley faces are turned in for 30 minutes of playing Playstation. Even if he gets 4 smiley faces he will not be allowed to play video games.

I am trying to switch him over to soy milk as well. This one isn't going over so well. He can taste it. So I am mixing it with chocolate milk mix and splitting the soy milk with regular fat free milk. He will drink that. From talking to a herbalist I need to switch Jacob's diet and that should help with his focus and concentration at school. He should have protien in the morning and carbs through out the day. Also, I need to limit his dairy consumption. If anyone knows Jacob they know that he loves his chocolate milk and that is basically all he wants to drink.

Keep us in your prayers ... great changes are going on in my house! Thank the Lord.

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