Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello Monday!

Today has flown by and to be honest I got nothing checked off my list ... unless you count being outside enjoying the "warmer" weather.

It is a relatively quiet week here ... which is nice. 

So ... how about a few hellos.

Hello my daring child! If you aren't looking she will climb up on the table to dance. It drives me crazy but she is so dang cute. 

Hello wellies! They are too big on her but she loves wearing them. She is definitely a shoe girl.

Hello front porch! I can't wait to sit on you again and read. I can watch the children play, hear their laughter, and take in the air. 

Hello my silly kiddos! You make me laugh so hard! I enjoy every single minute with you! Well until the pre-teenager attitude comes out. 

Hello trophy! Even though his team came in 4th place they received an awesome trophy at the awards ceremony. He was beyond thrilled. 

Hello Lisa Leonard charms!! I finally got them in the mail after an issue with my Mom's address. I love hearing them clang and jingle all day long. They make me so happy!!

Hello little mommy! She plays with babies all day long and I love it. She changes their diapers, calls them stinky, and carries them around in a bucket. 

Happy Monday everyone!

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