Thursday, August 8, 2013

Making Iced Tea

I know this is what they say but what I do is make ICED TEA.

I love iced tea. I make a gallon of iced tea every other day!

The best part is ... I make it in my coffee pot.

First, I put 3 tea bags into the coffee pot. (I use Tetley British Blend tea bags)

Then I fill the coffee pot all the way with water and press start.

Then I go to my garden. I grab mint and lemon balm. {Both pictured below}

 This is my glorious mint plant. I love having easy access to mint throughout the summer. I do need to figure out how to keep this going through the tough Chicago winters.

 This is my new and finally sprouting lemon balm plant. I don't really know many other uses for it than putting it in iced tea. I also want to bring this indoors during the winter.

I grab about three sprigs from each plant.{I also picked some ripe cherry tomatoes while I was outside}

I throw the sprigs of mint and lemon balm into a pitcher with 1 1/3 cups of sugar. {I used to use 2 cups of sugar so this is at least a little bit better} 

Fill the pitcher entirely with ice. {I just put the ice on top of the sugar and herbs.}

Once the tea is done brewing in the coffee pot, pour the hot tea over the ice and the herbs and the sugar. 

Stir, Stir, Stir. {To get the sugar dissolved}

Put the pitcher in the fridge until it gets really nice and cold.

Then pour yourself a big glass and enjoy. With or without the lemons!

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