Friday, May 3, 2013

Uncomfortable {Day 3}

Welcome to Day 3 of blog every day in May!

Today's prompt is ...

Things that make you uncomfortable.

I started thinking about this and I realized there are quite a few situations that make me uncomfortable. Now that doesn't mean that I don't continue to put myself in these situations or   that one day I hope to be completely comfortable. But for now these are things that make me uncomfortable.

There is just something about a bird and it's flapping wings that just makes my skin crawl. I have tried to not let them bother me but really I just can't do it. This one I will probably never get over. Last summer my husband and I were walking in downtown Geneva, IL when I noticed 2 geese from about 3 blocks away on the same side of the street we were on. Knowing that I just can't be ANYWHERE near birds I told him that we needed to cross the street. He just laughed and told me to suck it up. I tried. I really tried to convince myself I could walk past the geese but I couldn't do it. I walked across the street by myself while my husband laughed.

Speaking in front of adults! & Being the center of Attention!!
When I say speaking in front of adults I mean a large group. I do not mean a small group of people. To be honest I cannot think of a time I had to give a speech in front of a large group of adults but the thought gives me the heeby geebys.   On Mother's Day this year our daughter, Little Miss, is getting dedicated at our church. We will be up in front of the whole congregation. I get uncomfortable just thinking about it! The day of my wedding I was more nervous of the thought of everyone staring at me than committing my life to my husband! This one I hope to overcome!

Sharing that I am an attachment parent! & Wanting to be more GREEN in my parenting!
I don't know why this makes me uncomfortable. I am the Mom so I can parent in any way that I see fit. I have been exclusively nursing my daughter since she was born. {I did give her 2 bottles with formula when she was about 2 weeks old because my sister-in-law convinced me I wasn't able to feed her enough}. Also, since day 1 in the hospital Little Miss has slept in bed with me snuggled up in my arms! I love laying with her at night and watching her nurse as we are snuggled up in my warm bed. I also have worn her in a sling since she was born as well. I love that she can nap while I am out just by being tucked away safe and warm in her sling.  I would also love to be a cloth diapering momma but I am not. Money wise we can't afford the initial start up costs and my husband thinks it is gross! {Boo}. I feel like when I share my heart about being an attachment parent I get judged. Maybe it is just my perception. No one has ever said anything to me about it.

Hanging out with my dad's side of the family!
Don't get me wrong. I love my dad's side of the family. My cousins are my friends and I love getting together with them. But ... I feel awkward. I have felt this way ever since my dad left our family when I was 17 years old. I thought at first that they pitied us. Then I thought that it hurt them when we came around because inevitably they would think about my dad. Now that I am an attachment parent they really don't understand. I remember being pregnant with Little Man when the conversation about what to pack for the hospital came up. {We have a large family and I think at least 2 of us were pregnant at the time.}I was told by all my aunts to pack an ace bandage to go to the hospital so that I could "wrap my boobs" so that my milk wouldn't come in. When I said that I wanted to try nursing I got this look that told me they thought I was crazy for doing so. If they only knew I was thinking about homeschooling Little Man next year! I am just different from them so a lot of the time the conversations they have just make me uncomfortable.

Whoo! That was like a therapy session! Can you relate to any of my uncomfortable things? What is the one thing that makes you uncomfortable?

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  1. I feel the same way about monkeys that you feel about birds. I don't run into a lot of monkeys in Virginia but man they scare me. Something about them.

    I guess the one thing that makes me uncomfortable is putting myself out there. Never really been good at it. I'm a good friend to a few people but making new friends is hard for me. No clue why.

    Stay strong and thanks for sharing.


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