Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Having a new baby ten years after my first child makes you rethink how you parented the first time around.

With Little Man I felt like I needed to follow all of the "rules".

I followed the rule that if breastfeeding is hard just formula feed because it is easier.

I followed the rule that babies must sleep in their own beds (or bassinet) because neither mother or baby will sleep if they are in your bed.

Well this time around I am breaking the rules!

Breastfeeding is hard but I am sticking with it because it is better for Little Miss.

Cosleeping is easier because you can nurse and be skin to skin with your baby throughout the night.

I love cosleeping with Little Miss!

We did try having her in her bassinet but she didn't sleep very well and neither did I. I was constantly waking up to find her pacifer or to nurse her. And with all that moving around she was awake during the night and I was exhausted. My husband was also disturbed because she would be crying and he needed to sleep to he could work the next day. I would end up going downstairs to take care of Little Miss and eventually I would fall asleep holding her on the couch.

I knew that this wasn't working for me!

I decided that I needed to figure out how to nurse her while lying down and just allow her to sleep in my bed with me.

I found these wonderful tutorials on how to breastfeed while lying down. Feel free to check them out here, here, and here

To be honest we have had a few hiccups with breastfeeding while lying down such as an improper latch or switching from one side to the other but learning this position has been so helpful!

Little Miss and I are getting much better sleep now.

I don't have to get out of bed to get her or find her pacifer in the dark anymore.

I am not sure how long we will cosleep for but right now this works for us!

And Daddy gets some extra cuddle time as well! Bonus!

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