Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Praises, Prayers, and Ponderings

Whew … it has been quite a week for me. I completed all my finals, papers, and projects for school. Semester 1 has officially been completed. That definitely takes a lot of stress off my back. If you read my last two posts, you can tell that I have been a little down lately. Not sad but not happy. I basically felt like I was constantly on the verge of tears. I wanted to sit down all day but I was fidgety. I wanted to clean but couldn’t get motivated. Everything and everyone was hurting my feelings. I felt judged and misguided and on the verge of a minor breakdown.


Praise 1: I went to the Village Herbalist! It isn’t that I don’t believe in pharmaceutical medications I just would prefer to go the herbal route if at all possible. My wonderful cousin Tanya recommended to try Mood Elevator to help me. I took one today and I am feeling great!! So much better. I guess I needed a little something to get me out of this funk.

Praise 2: I checked my school’s website to see if my grades have been posted and … three of them were. I have an A in Poetry, an A in Math for Elementary School Teachers, and an A in Technology for Teachers. I am waiting to find out my grades for Greek Philosophy and Contemporary Humanities.

Praise 3: All of my Christmas shopping is now complete! I am super excited!

Things are looking up.

Now onto my prayer requests …

Prayer Request 1: Dan (my boyfriend) has been offered a different position for the company he works for. It looks really good on paper but the things that are too good to be true normally are. Please prayer that this move will be a step forward for him and not a step backward.

Prayer Request 2: Since I have quit work to go back to school …. money has been tight(to say the least). I am looking for a part time job that works with my school schedule and that allows me as much time with Jacob as possible. Please pray for me in my job search.

I really do appreciate it when you pray for me and my family.

Lastly, as my title indicates … the pondering.

I don’t know if this is just me or not but I would love to know if anyone else has ever felt this way.

Do you feel like you have been placed with the wrong relatives? I used to always think that I fit in with my dad’s side of the family but now I just feel like I don’t. I feel like I am just not like them.

Has anyone ever felt this way or is it just me?

I should update more tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers. I truly appreciate them.

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