Thursday, August 20, 2009

Through the looking glass

Right now, I am sitting at work ... doing nothing. I have been training my replacement for a week and so now I am just letting her take the reigns. I am sitting at the back desk just in case she needs me. But I am really serving no purpose.
Six years ago, I started with this company. I knew nothing about cars (yes, I work at an auto collision repair shop) and I didn't think I ever would get the hang of what my job was all about.
Some days, I would be so consumed by how difficult my job was. In the beginning, I would leave work and wonder if I should come back in the next day.
Six years later, I feel as if I know almost everything there is to know. I know I am good at my job and that people ask me questions when they are confused. To be honest, I like that feeling of power.

As I have sat and worked with my replacement over the last 4 days I have realized that she is starting a new chapter in her life just like I am starting a new chapter in mine.
Beginings are scary!
I will be the new kid on the block.  I will have to learn how to be good at my new "job", full time student and mom.
I am really looking forward to what is in store for me and at the same time I am scared about it all.
I really don't like having conflicting feelings at all.
Tomorrow is my last day at work. I am sure as my work day winds to a close I will cry. My coworkers have turned into family and friends. I will miss all our silly banter and the stories they tell me about their kids and wives. (Yes, I work with all men) We have all promised to keep in touch and get together every once in awhile. I hope we keep that promise.
Have you ever left a job? Did you keep in touch with your former coworkers? If you quit your job to become a stay at home mom how did you adjust to your new life? Was it some what difficult to be with your children all day every day?

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  1. It was hard for me to quit my job and be a stay at home mommy. I miss the adult banter and fun we had in the office. I love being with my daughter, it is hard, and I miss "work". But this really is the best most important job in life. I will take it any day. I am thankful I can afford to stay home. Blessings on your new journey! ;)


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