Monday, August 24, 2009

Not My Child Monday!

MckMama is hosting her, Not my child Monday, today. So if you are embarrassed by any of your child's comments, behaviors, or attitude's please join in. You can join in this blog carnival by clicking here.

Jacob was not fighting with his 10 year old uncle Matthew at Christian's birthday party last night. After I told him to stop crying and hit him back Jacob quickly responded with ...
"Can I kick him here?" He was point to his private parts.

Jacob is not an over reacter. After I told him to stop playing video games and that his 30 minutes were up he definitly did not unplug the Playstation from the wall and proceed to put the game system, controllers, video games, and wrestling figures in the middle of the floor in my bedroom. After he disposed of everything he did not declare himself grounded from playstation for four days. Not my child!

When I told him that I didn't have to go to work anymore he did not ask me if my boss said it was ok. He was not more concerned that my boss was going to be ok without me working there than he was excited for me not to go into work anymore.

I did not get a Snuggie as a going away present from the guys at work. My son has not claimed this as his own. He has not been walking around in my cheetah print Snuggie since I brought it home.

What has your child not done recently? Go visit MckMama and join in on all the fun.


  1. That is too funny! I love how he just put himself on restrictions!!

  2. You've got a brilliant young man on your hands! I'm sure he keeps you on your toes!

  3. I don't often stop and read these Not Me posts, but I should because I always laugh when I do. I love your confessions - especially that Jacob asked if he could kick his 10 year old Uncle where it counts. ha!



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