Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our life currently!

It sure has been awhile since I updated last. I have been super tired lately for no reason at all. I think I can use a day to lay around in bed all day ... napping, eating, watching tv, and reading a book. I don't see a day like that coming for me but this is what is going on in our life right now.

- I am still trying to figure out my school plans. Not sure how any of this is going to work out. As of this moment I have not registered for any classes nor have I put in my notice at work.

- I am trying to get on a better schedule with Jacob so that we can read together every night. He is supposed to accumulate 750 minutes of reading through out the summer. We are way behind.

- Jacob's, kindergarten teacher, had a stroke. There is a bleed in her brain. Please pray for her and her family. Jacob loves her and she is an amazing teacher. She was sent from God and helped Jacob a ton this past year.

- Dan and I are discussing options on how to help Christian with his eating habits. I did post a discussion on The BlogFrog "Mom's of Picky Eaters" and I have gotten wonderful ideas on how to help out with this issue. If anyone else has any ideas on how to get a 6 year old child who only likes chicken nuggets, ketchup, and pickles to eat a healthier variety of foods without gaging on it please let me know. We are really struggling with this.

That's all I can really think of right now. My brain feels fried. Ha Ha It always feels that way.
What is going on in your lives? I am really interested please leave comments

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