Monday, June 8, 2009

Road Trip

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying a nice start to there week.

As the title indicates, in July I will be going on a road trip. An unexpected road trip to be exact. See I knew I needed to be in Idaho July 11th because my cousin Brandon and his beautiful fiance, Kim, will be getting married. What I didn't know was that the cost of airfare for me, Jacob, my boyfriend Dan, and his son Christian would equal a new living room set.

Since times are tough and finances are dwindling we decided last night to drive the 23 hour and 24 minute drive to Idaho instead of flying to save some cash. We also then wouldn't have to rent a vehicle when we got there.

I know I should be excited about saving this much dough but I am scared. Two 6 year old boys in the car for close to 24 hours doesn't not sound pleasant for the most patient of people. (FYI - I am not patient. At. All.)

We did figure that if we leave at 7 pm the boys would sleep for half of the car ride but what are we going to do for the remaining 12 hour journey?

We figured we would bring our laptops so the boys could watch movies. I will stop by our local Wal-Mart and buy some very inexpensive coloring books and small toys for them to play with as a treat as well. But seriously, after the coloring, movies, and toys we will still have about 10 hours left.

I am nervous and excited. I am scared about all the whining. How many times could they possibly say, "are we there yet?" or "when are we going to be there?" or "what does 12 more hours mean?".

When I drop Jacob off at my mom's house in the morning the 12 minute car ride at least evokes 2 or 3 "are we there yets?" I don't know if I am emotionally ready for this.

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to survive road trips? What would you bring to keep two 6 year old boys occupied? Anyone want to pray for me so that I don't loose all my marbles on this trip?


  1. It will be fun! Maybe you could give yourselves some extra time to stop and see some landmarks?
    My grandma would always wrap tiny little presents for us that we would open when we hit a major landmark -- think state lines or big rivers; the presents were always something we could play with in the car.
    Also, get creative and think of some fun car games. And the boys should be able to entertain each other at age 6, right? Play cars, dinosaurs and a deck of cards could go a long way.

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