Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today was such a beautiful day to celebrate that Jesus has risen! I enjoyed my day today so much. I started my Easter celebration at church on Friday for the Good Friday service. It was a quick one hour service that reminded me why we are celebrating this day. They had all the candles lit and it was a sombering and soul searching evening. (Sorry about not having ANY pictures but my camera after being sent out for a week getting fixed is still broken! Aargh!!)

On Saturday morning Jacob had his first soccer game. It was hysterical! Jacob was so excited and I laughed the entire time. He loved being goalie. I thought he would be more tired after the game but I think all the running around gave him more energy.

Saturday night Jacob, Christian, Dan, and myself made The Easter Story cookies. (Thanks to Joanne at Then we colored our Easter eggs. Lastly, we read from the children's bible the story of Easter. The boys had so many questions. Mainly, they wanted to know if there are bowling alleys and candy stores in heaven. With the quiet of the evening the boys feel asleep quickly.

Sunday morning was a little crazy. We got dressed in our fancy Easter clothes and headed off to church for the 9 a.m. service. Pastor Ron did a wonderful job of putting the joy of Easter in our hearts. Then we went to my mom's house for Easter brunch. I love my family and I love spending holidays with them.

Easter was perfect - relaxed, enjoyable, and spent with everyone I love.

Also - Tanya, Jeffrey, and Landon are staying in Illinois!!! I am thrilled. I almost started crying when she told me. Tanya has always been like a sister to me and I am so glad that Jacob and Landon will be able to grow up together like we did. (If you are reading this Tanya, I love you guys)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter like I did.

Walk In His Strength,

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