Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome back for another Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. Please go visit her blog to check out what else everyone is or is not doing.

No not me - I would never ever post my Not Me! Monday! at work. I mean come on I have very important things to take care of at work and would never ever have time to do this.

No not me - I would never ever tell my son that poop, butt, and fart are not acceptable words to say. My darling son knows better than that.
After that totally fictional conversation he didn't respond with, "Can I say diarrhea?" Is that a potty word? I think yes it is a potty word and no you cannot say that. I never ever have to remind him that potty talk is gross and no one wants to hear it.

No not me - I would never ever have to remind that same darling son that I don't want to hear what he has to say when he is tattling on someone. (Tattling from last week none the less) He kept telling me that he had to tell me so I told him to swallow his words to help him forget his tattle. He gulped back the words but immediately after he didn't respond by informing me that he may have swallowed the tattling words but he still remembers.

No not me - I would never ever stay up until 12:30 last night doing laundry. On top of that I would never ever just stack up the laundry on the floor and now those piles are teetering against the wall. I am pretty sure the cat will have knocked them over by the time I get home.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my Not Me! Monday. Go check out MckMama's blog and join in on all the fun.


  1. I just realized you are a featured blogger this week so I thought I would stop by. What a cute little blog and your boy is absolutely adorable!

  2. I saw your blog featured on Lynette's blog, so I thought I would stop by and say Hello. I am pretty new to the blog world, so I am very happy to meet you.

  3. I think that that is a great idea!

    It is nice to meet you!

  4. I found you through Lynnette's blog and so glad I did. I never heard of the Not Me Monday and it was cute to read. We are going through the potty words chat too, sigh...
    Keep up the great work!

  5. you have such a cute way of saying things! I have loved reading your blog. we were co-featured on Lynnette's blog! Blessings!


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