Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! As my new year resolution I wanted to start a blog. I think blogs are an amazing way to keep everyone up to date on my everyday life and to keep track of the year. Jacob and I are doing well. We had a wonderful year. Nothing extraordinary but wonderful none the less. We started going back to church which has been such a great journey. God really opens doors and changes lives. Jacob is in Kindergarten and will be 6 years old in February. I am 27 years old and am dating an amazing man Dan. He has a little boy, Christian, who is 6 and such a good companion and friend for Jacob. They have been a God send for us. We are happy and healthy. Jacob, Dan, Christian, and myself spent a wonderful night in for New Years Eve. At midnight Dan and I toasted with champagne and the little boys toasted with sparkling cider. It was a magical night and a wonderful start to the new year.

Christmas 2008

New Years Eve 2008

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